The production process of "Granja Verde" sunflower oil

Sunflower oil production is a complex process that requires the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials. In this article, we will discuss the production process of "Granja Verde" sunflower oil.

Sunflower, sunflower seeds and oil on a table

Sunflower harvesting

The production of sunflower oil begins with the harvesting of sunflowers. "Granja Verde" works with local farmers to ensure the quality and freshness of the raw material. Sunflowers are carefully harvested by hand to avoid damaging the seeds.

Inspector in a mask on Granja Verde factory

Cleaning and sorting

After harvesting, the sunflower seeds are cleaned and sorted to remove impurities and damaged seeds. This is done by size separation and the removal of branches, stones, and other contaminants. This ensures that the seeds are of the best quality for processing.

Oil extraction

The next step is the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. "Granja Verde" uses cold-pressed technology, which is a mechanical process that does not require the use of chemical solvents. This process ensures that the oil retains its nutritional properties and natural flavor. After extraction, the oil is filtered and stored in tanks for further packaging.

Packaging and labeling

Once the oil has been extracted and filtered, it is packaged in glass or plastic bottles. "Granja Verde" uses high-quality materials to ensure that the oil remains fresh and does not deteriorate. In addition, each bottle is labeled with information about the oil, such as its production date, origin, and nutritional content.

Transparent plastic bottles filled with sunflower oil on the Granja Verde factory

Distribution and sales

"Granja Verde" sunflower oil is distributed through local stores and online throughout the country. The brand prides itself on offering a high-quality and healthy product that is easily accessible to consumers.


"Granja Verde" is dedicated to producing the highest quality sunflower oil using advanced technology and high-quality materials. From sunflower harvesting to packaging and sales, the brand ensures that each step of the process is carried out with care and attention to produce a final product that is nutritious, tasty, and healthy.